What is Wheatblog?


Wheatblog is blogware: it's a web-based content management system for maintaining online blogs, journals, news pages, and about anything else you can think of writing down. It allows reader interaction with a comment system, and generates valid RSS 2.0 feeds. It is powered by PHP and is compatible with the MySQL and SQLite database systems.

Here are some of Wheatblog's features:

  • Simple, straightforward installation and use.
  • All pages are dynamically created using PHP and a database.
  • Posts can be assigned to categories and viewed by category or title.
  • Permanent URL's, or permalinks, provide a unique, unchanging link to each post, and are readily indexed by search engines.
  • All posts allow reader comments, but can be locked by the administrator at any time.
  • A post can be marked visible or hidden at any time, allowing multiple revisions before publishing.
  • All post dates are arbitrary (not based on timestamps) and therefore completely controllable by the author.
  • Generates valid, well-formed RSS 2.0 feeds of your visible posts for effortless syndication.
  • Valid XHTML makes customization as easy as modifying one CSS file.
  • Best of all, it's open source! You can hack it to suit your needs!

Why Wheatblog?

The “Blogosphere”, once considered a fad, now seems poised to rewrite the rules of modern journalism, political speech and intellectual discourse in ways not even imagined a decade ago. But there is a problem.

A multitude of bloggers are now entering the fray, and the solutions available are becoming more and more profit-driven and watered down. New all-in-one blogging services are popping up everywhere — and writers, engineers, technologists and those with something important to say are straining against the limitations of a forum that is overrun by gimmicky link schemes and half-baked attempts to stand out among the crowd.

Blogs are everywhere, and everyone seems to have a blog. While casual users may find the prepackaged feel of weblogging services like Blogger's Blogspot© sufficient, the more advanced often feel limited by a centralized, monolithic content management system that offers little in the way of customization and control.


Wheatblog was born out of a desire to provide an alternative to such services, and provide a platform for serious-minded and web-savvy users to expand control over their content. All of wB's markup is valid XHTML 1.0; all style information is housed in a completely independent Cascading Style Sheet. This powerful web design paradigm provides maximum flexibility, and the look, feel and content of your blog is limited only by your creativity. ◊

Sites Using Wheatblog

The Development Team would like to thank all the people who have decided to use Wheatblog on their websites. If you would like to add your name to this list, or would like to ask a question about Wheatblog, please drop us a line.

* Sites maintained by members of the development team


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